Environmental Crime, Compliance and Enforcement, and the use of Non-Compliance Mechanisms all address regulatory efforts to prevent environmental damage, but do so among different stakeholders at the national, international, and global levels.

Compliance and enforcement tend to refer to the design of mechanisms within a treaty to ensure that a treaty regime meets its stated goals and objectives as effectively as possible. Non-compliance mechanisms address the failure of state parties to properly implement the mutually-agreed obligations of a treaty regime. The latter are intended to be non-judicial and prioritize returning the non-compliant party to compliance, rather than punishing it.

There is an obvious nexus between the negotiation of international environmental laws or regulatory standards, and the multilevel governance deemed necessary to generate compliance with the goals and objectives of the treaty regime. There are legitimate questions, however, whether treaty regimes designed around non-judicial non-compliance mechanisms provide sufficient incentives to comply with an international environmental rule of law.

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Environmental Compliance and Enforcement

International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement

UNEP Environmental Compliance

United Nations Compensation Commission

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