International Environmental Law and Environmental Governance are sufficiently similar subject areas that they are considered synonymous. There are, however, some important differences. International environmental law tends to refer to treaties, general principles of law, and potentially, emerging customary international law. Environmental governance tends to refer to the institutional mechanisms that are created by treaty regimes relating to implementation, capacity-building, monitoring, finance, regular meetings of the parties, etc… to meet the goals and objectives of the treaty regime.

It seems reasonable that we combine resources for these two areas, but also note how they are conceptually distinct.

In the following sections, we have provided (1) links to the websites of organizations working in related fields (in black text); and (2) a selection of documents (click on the images to download the pdf file) that summarize what's being done within these interconnected communities, which from our perspective, supports our core objectives.

Although our ability to provide PDF copies of academic articles is often limited by copyrights, we will be incorporating bibliographies for each section. We encourage you to help us build our bibliographies and to send us links to specific organizations and/or PDFs that you feel should be represented in this section.

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