Penn Design Project

The ICE Coalition welcomes collaboration with inspiring people on inspiring projects.

So when the University of Pennsylvania’s Faculty of Architecture (Penn Design) contacted us about a joint project to visualize a potential International Court for the Environment, we jumped at the opportunity.

We were invited to guest-lecture for Phu Hoang’s design studio in the 2010 spring term and again in 2011. Armed with a short course in international legal institutions and global environmental governance, Phu’s students went on to create renderings and models sited in New York and Rio de Janeiro. These talented students created some extraordinary work and we are proud that they chose our project as an inspiration for their designs.

As you would expect their designs have, in return, inspired us to reach even further with our own proposal. By showing us an ICE our coalition couldn't imagine, they have encouraged us to expand our vision of what is possible.

The product of the Penn Design student work is beautifully displayed in Making Microclimates: The International Court of the Environment, which is available on Amazon. The version below is a draft of the final booklet that, while incomplete, still showcases the creativity of the students and elegance of their work.

We hope you enjoy these designs as much as we do, and if you’re interested in collaborating on a project like this, drop us a line at